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the city. especially on the redevelopment agency or any other program that you see. so we are demanding this time, that we be able to do development in our own community and one of the main things that we are looking at is the street car... (inaudible) we are demanding the right to do that and demanding all of that money but also raising our own money to help do it. so we are looking for the board of supervisors to look out for us. because what we have been getting coming from the mayor's office we are left out again. >> that is all that i have to say, thank you. >> thank you. next speaker? >> thank you. >> jackson. you know i have a lot to say because i have been dealing with redevelopment since 1968 in my community. and i would like to say in 64 it was started over there in fillmore and the fact that it
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is coming to be a change, now, you supervisors has a responsibility to be over what is happening here. you should be up wanting people, yourselves, because you see, maybe and don't rush me, ab 26. have not been adhered to in bay view, hunter's point. you see i have been going to these meetings for the oversight committee a lot of the time. they are canceled. they are canceled. >> i want to see someone from fillmore on that board. bay view, hunter's point and the mission. because we have been shared out. because i do not understand that my community, the pack committee was disbanded no funds was given to them, but i found out later, that i don't know politics was being played and guess what happened? >> the group over there and visitation valley got an office. what happened to my community? >> we are the ones that have
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been hurt all of these years. but, it don't seem as though we are going to get anything about it unless you commissioners, make sure that at least you like the gentleman said, you vote for at least half, you should be doing over half. the mayor should only have one and you all have the rest of it for this commission. thank you very much. >> and i do thot want to be on the commission i want that known. because i'm almost 80 years old. i want to make sure that everything is done right. thank you very much. >> thank you, for that important clarification. >> next speaker? >> my name is dianne wesley smith and i am a member of the black human rights leadership council of san francisco. first point that i would like to make is under the redevelopment watch, as the city's african american population declined from 88,000, 11 percent of the city's population in 1990, to
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48,000, six percent in 2010. the proportion of american african felony arrests rose from 45 percent in 1990, to 55 percent in the 2000s, with little variation over a decade. this is under the redevelopment's watch. contract compliance has been blai tantly disregarded. we have been left out in bay, view, hunter point's residents as employment opportunities. we ask that any member of the new oversight committee, first of all, we ask that our board of supervisors, have some account ability and stand up and accept some responsibility for the oversight committee. but i also request that there be three members from bay view's hunter's point and i am asking for three because we might get one. but definitely, i am asking for three. so, two would be fair because we are largely impacted.
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we request that the commission not be comprised of any former redevelopment agency employees, because what is insanity? insanity is to do the same thing. we are going to take the same employees and expect different results? no more... still no citizen participation and no contract compliance. checks and balance that is what we ask for, check and balance, it cannot happen if we practice insanity, we have 30 or 40 years to go and we are talking about the future of our young people and including the residents of bay view hunter's point now. >> next speaker? >> good afternoon, my name is robert woods. i have been in the community since 1972, i started out as a
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model city employee there on the mayor's staff. i have seen the community through good times and this is by far i have seen this is the worst that i ever have seen the community. when was the last time that any of you have been on third street to check out the walking dead? you have ignored the community, there is no jobs, there is no job training program, there is nothing there that gives them hope. now, you are sponsoring an organization that i was here in san francisco when western addition got ran out. the same thing will happen under this same agency if you don't make changes. i'm not saying that the agency cannot operate, but when you
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are still sporting old redevelopment agency policies, and you ask us to trust you with these old policies, and i'm saying, we won't trust you under these old policies and under the old transfer of individuals from the redevelopment agency over to the mayor's office of housing. it hasn't worked and it didn't work then and i don't see it working now. but i will say this. we are willing to work with anyone, but we need people working out in their community and please that you will know what is going on out there as far as employment and people working. it is a crime.
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san francisco the leading city in the country, and yet, you treat your people bad. and that is... that is not good. that is not good and this is what hurts. >> i have been around the country many times doing various things, but never have i ever... >> thank you very much. >> never have i ever seen a group of people walk back the graveyard whistling. >> thank you very much. next speaker? >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm john elbing i'm president of the taco group and i am speaking over my three decades of experience in the redevelopment. i have my letter here of the distribution. >> the name of this new agency is incredibly awkward and you
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can make it better. that is a small thing, much more important is a full record of all of the assets we are talking about transferring to this new body. it may not just be the three remaining project areas or the housing, the agency had other substantial assets in the gardens that are still there and also at issue in dissolution, i cannot tell reading this document whether that whole complex with the gardens and that property goes to the new entity or does not. in addition, there are quite a few outstanding, loans and agreements with commercial properties in the old project areas, there was an addition, that need to be monitored and enforced and sometimes amended. it is not clear what is the disposition of those contracts and those loans and other assets. that needs to be spelled out and if it is going to be with
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the new agency it is important and if it is not we need to know what is going to happen to it. >> having only five commissioners for such a range of geographic area of the city is not sufficient. you will need seven just to have balance and appointments from the several project areas, especially in urba buena is included. i suggest that you add to one each appointed to the two supervisors from those districts. ones that are south in the market adequately represented? never was. finally, the cacs and pacs that used to exist and still may exist are not referenced in this document. if you leave those... >> thank you very much. >> next speaker? >> good afternoon, we were here in january so say that you had
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given away vast and broad powers over land use over all of the areas not just the ones that are enforcable obligations we were told that is not the case. fast forward a few months to the transbay hearing where we asked you to amend the parking requirements and you told that you had no land use authority and that you had given it all away. i don't see anything in here that is taking back the land use authority. that is dualy yours and that of the planning commission and planning department. >> we created a department with the split appointments and this is the run around that. keeping all of the land use authority not only for the land development areas where there is an enforcement obligations, bay view, industrial triangle where there is no enforcable obligations. but it is an end run around the will of the voters. we ask you to take back your land use authority and clarify in this ordinance that the land
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use authority will rest where it is supposed to rest with the planning department and commission and the legislative land use will rest with the board of supervisors. you were told that you could amend the plans but not design for the development documents. whether you have looked at the plan there is nothing in them. all of the subnative controls are in the design for development documents. those can be changed without limitation by this. successor body. which gives them land use control over the vast areas of the city. o, you know, i am kind of disappointed that we are here. we had this conversation around the transbay and said, again, maybe we gave away too much. let's sort out of land use authority question before we reconstitute this thing and kick the can down the road but here we are with the same body with the same powers is before you today. we ask you to take this back and put the land use authority with the planning commission and give us the narrow oversight that it is supposed
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to happen. not this, very, very broad authority that you mistakeningly gave in january. thank you. >> next speaker? >> i can be graceful. >> hi, my name is corin woods. i chaired with mission bay, citizen's advisory committee which has survived even though we did not have anybody to advise. we are looking forward to having a new separate agency in the agency commission i do want to join mr. elverlnig and i think that several other commissioners that said please fix the name. this is you have got an opportunity here it is in the legislation that you can name the agency, please, give us a name that for the next 30 years, we can say without
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stumbling over it, there is a lot happening in mission bay. we have got a new traffic circle and roads completed and we have several new roads being built. we have 1231 units under construction, we have 740 other units in planning including 200 affordable units. the staff has continued to work, the oversight board has continued to try to figure out what is going on. but we need this separate agency. we need a separate commission. next speaker. >> thank you very much for this opportunity to speak. my name is dr. veronica honi
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kut and i'm the chair of the citizen' advisory committee for the shipyard and i want to point out that our community has been a key partner with the former redevelopment agency and ensuring the long-awaited revitalization of the hunters shipard and the continued work of the successor agency is critical to ensuring that the city is able to deliver on its promises. and we as cac members started our work many years ago. we convened in 1993. and we expect to be there until the last unit of affordable housing is occupied, the last acre of open space is built and the last employee is hired. this legislation is key to the city fulfilling its promises. it looks after all interests
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and ensures that we are able to move forward. i ask that you vote in support of this legislation, and vote in support of the bayview hunters point community. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors. my dede workman representing the san francisco chamber of commerce. the chamber strongly supports this establish to establish a successor agency to the redevelopment agency. the item is critically important to continuing the projects that are already underway burb these projects need to be governed by one agency, reporting to one elected official. san francisco has had a redevelopment program governed by a commission overseen by the mayor and confirmed by the board of supervisors. commissioners and departments need to know who they report to on an administrative basis. split appointments disrupt that relationship. the board of supervisors retains significant budget and
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policy oversight over agencies such as redevelopment. there is no need to interject the board into the nomination of these commissioners. we urge you to retain the historic redevelopment commission appointment process for this new agency. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon, commissioners and hello san francisco. there is one word i would like to mention that probably seems to have no bearing on this issue of redevelopment in san francisco the word is "radiation." we have a serious problem in hunters point and we have a serious problem in treasure island. the u.s. navy left san francisco property, property in our county -- i shouldn't call it our property because treasure island technically belongs to the people of california. the u.s. navy left land that exists in our county as
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radioactive waste dumps. we have a serious problem in the bayview. i would like to point out that the redevelopment agency, while maybe has gone away, it's doing just great under the office of the mayor. if you haven't been to any of the san francisco housing authority meetings and haven't witnessed privatiziation in san francisco, this is going on wholesale in 49 properties encompassing well over 200 acres in this city. nobody is paying attention to it because the housing commission authority meetings are not televised and nobody in san francisco can see their theft, graft and fraudulent conveyance for profit. like the $50 million mayor's project for affordable housing trust, the $1.5 billion slush
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fund for people in the developers to use as a piggy bank. this is off the hook and we need to pay attention as citizens to what is going on, because it's theft of our land by the supervisors and the mayor. thank you so much. >> thank you. next speaker and if i could just mention that we have a rule in the board chamber to not express applause or opposition, next speaker. >> i'm christine john second-down secretary of the hunters point advisory committee for the shipard development. i will follow up with the comments of our chair, dr. honeycutt. i would like to [kph-ebd/] the commend those who have continued to work with the city
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and community especially district 10 to continue the work of the redevelopment, even though we had a lot of confusion put before us by the state. although i'm here representing the project and shipyard and candlestick, all the projects on the enforceable obligations list are going to remake our downtown and make sure that they are developed as a network and that all of the members of the greater san francisco and especially our affected neighborhoods can see the benefits. thank you. >> next speaker. >> my name is ace washington and i'm going start with a phrase that redevelopment is very familiar with. i am appalled. i'm strictly appalled of the supervisors who have the audacityto bring redevelopment back to what it's normally
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known as and here we have a city, i would like to know who is in control? because we don't know who is in control in san francisco. ladies and gentlemen, and supervisors, did you get a chance -- a chance to read the audit of redevelopment agency right before they closed? that the controllers held on until they were closed. did you read the recommendations? did you read how they were mishandling monies and everything, corruption. i guess you haven't, but i want to commend my supervisor and there will be a public hearing coming up to talk about the oewd, the planning commission, and the redevelopment agency known now as oversight a public hearing to talk about what they have done. you know at filmore, we know it as the fill no more.
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now historically i know none of you all have the value in which mama jackson has spoken on what the impact of the redevelopment has done to us not to mention about the african-american programs and report that was done by fred and he is up and out of here. do your study. because we're going to go through the history and it will reveal that there was an effort, strong effort to eliminate the african-americans from san francisco. i want to put on your minds there was so many studies, but we want a study on the projection of where we're going to be in the next ten years and you are going to find out that we'll be eliminated. >> thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you very much.
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thank you very much, mr. washington. thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> supervisors, michael, san francisco construction trades council. nobody contests the sins of redevelopment with regards to the western edition, but in it's more recent incarnation the redevelopment agency had an active citizens advisory committee in the huntersview area, a very active project area committee. they had very vigorous discussions at their meetings, many of which i attended. that project area, transbay and mission bay all came before this board for hearings and substantial vetting and to
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allow them to go forward under the supervision of an effective agency. we ask to you move the legislation forward. thank you. next speaker. >> thank you, i'm with the council of community housing organizations. i just wanted to mention our support for this legislation, as well as offering support for amendments that we believe are being discussed right now. that reiterate within the legislation the final authority of this board of supervisors over all budget matters, over the final budget of the successor agency. but perhaps more importantly that no changes be made on terms of the enforceable obligations to affordable housing within redevelopment areas by any new successor
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agency commissioned without oversight by this board. we believe it's a critical part that the board of supervisors needs to maintain final authority over this commission. thank you very much. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors. eric brooks representing san francisco green party and the local grassroots organization our city. i want to concur with director radulovich that this is not ready for primetime. the member organizations that i represent several months ago wrote you a two-page document by multitudeness problems with this. the only thing that we got was term limits for the oversight board members. that is not good enough. this needs to be much stronger. the board needs to be the controlling agency on this stuff, not some oversight board with a bunch of city hall insiders who have been working in favor of wall street
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developers their entire careers. as other people said we need citizen representatives from mission bay, bay view hunters-point and also the new transbay terminal area. we need those neighborhoods on this board represented and i would say that we need the supervisors in those districts to be voting members to this board. finally i would say in light of what is happening on treasure island and in light of the fact in the bayview hunters point we have the same and probably more radiologickal and toxic materials. two years ago this board voted to have hears on what is going on in bayview hunters point. those hearings have not happened. they need to happen and need to be joint meetings with the oversight board which should be named that, by the way.
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and most fundamentally, you need to make sure those hearings happen right away and that you change the way that this redevelopment oversight board is put together, so that you get the kind of representation that the communities need. and if you can't do that or won't do, that then you need to shift authority so that this board is only temporary and you shift the authority to your yourselves as soon as possible. >> thank you. next speaker. >> calvin walsh from foreman clearinghouse, a member of the community organizations and i would like to first of all second fernando martez testimony of the importance of the three aendments submitted by the council of community housing organizations, which we feel will give this board important powers, deciding powers over the successor agency. and i tend to agree, we
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certainly, as a creative city can come up with a better term than "successor agency." but i would like to talk a little bit about why the amendments that you are proposing are important. talk a little bit about the history of this agency, and the role of tax increment financing, which is what we're really talking about. in 1989 the old imperial redevelopment agency was done in by this board of supervisors when it allowed the use of tax increment financing subject to fundamental and basic changes in the structure of the redevelopment agency. and it has been that agency from 1990 on that we're dealing in terms of this successor agency. it is important to understand that the board of supervisors insisted that for the use of tax increment financing, understanding during the battle days of urban renewal no tax
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increment financing was allowed. the point is that the board of supervisors insisted on its direct control, including land use controls that i believe exist in this ordinance and in the amendments proposed by the council of community housing organizations. i would be happy to answer any questions, if there are any. seeing none, i will go. [ laughter ] >> we may have them later for you. thank you. next speaker. >> thank you. thank you, mr. president. members, my name is arnold townsend and i just wanted to say a couple of things. first of all, whatever you do, don't call it "redevelopment oversight board," because that acronym is to "rob," and i think that may be sending the wrong message or maybe you are sending the right message if you call it "rob." i want to rise and support the legislation as it is.
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i am grateful to see that we are now going to continue the projects that are in the pipeline, because you have significant promises and commitments to people in those communities and you need to fulfill them and fulfill them in right way and so i'm grateful to see that you are doing that. i am not supportive at this point based on experience of the redevelopment agency going any further beyond this narrow focus right here. but i don't with a to just remind folks that i know that people are looking for something different and they are looking to the board of supervisors but just to give some history, i don't remember the board of supervisors or anybody rushing to our aid. we were out there alone and everybody hates what redevelopment did after the fact, but o

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